River North Taekwondo is a leading Taekwondo school serving East and West St. Paul, Riverbend, Rivergrove, Garden City and other communities located in north Winnipeg near the perimeter.  We have been teaching Taekwondo here since 1997. ...20+ years!

All aspects of the traditional art of Taekwondo, "the way of the hands and feet", is our expertise. 


At our class you will learn poomsae (patterns) and kyorugi (sparring) as you progress throughout belt levels from white belt to Black Belt and beyond.


We believe in the highest level of training for our students.  We will help them achieve the successes they seek and guide them to be better in all facets of life.


As written in our logo, our principles of having Integrity, building Confidence, giving 100% Effort and respecting Family is the driving force in our development.

We believe that in trying your best you will learn more about yourself.  You will build integrity and your self-confidence and skills will improve.

Young and old, parents & children work together resulting in a close, family environment.

We now have a second location to serve you in Pine Falls MB


Our goal is to help everyone of all ages and abilities become the best taekwondoist they can be.  


We will strive to provide every opportunity to help you achieve your fitness goals and hone your skills as a martial artist.


Throughout the school year, September to June, we train out of the Ecole Riviere Rouge School gymnasium


Tuesdays and Thursdays

-All belts 6:00 - 7:30 pm

-Kids class 6-6:45pm

-Intensive/extra training7:30- 8pm


September to June Location:

Ecole Riviere Rouge School

55 Swinford Way


Summer Location:

Garden City Community Centre

725 Kingsbury Avenue

204 - 338 - 4853
Your best is good enough
taekwondo, winnipeg, martial arts
taekwondo, winnipeg, martial arts
Winnipeg, MB Canada 
E-mail:  rivernorthtkd@mymts.net

Winnipeg Taekwondo School

Winnipeg, MB Canada


Tel: 204-338-4853

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Master Dyke as a centre referee